About Our C.E.O.Doug Towne standing beside an American Flag.

Every person has a calling and Doug Towne has found his. By virtue of past experience and avid study, Doug has learned to see both sides of an issue and use this insight to bring understanding to parties originally disagreeing.

His “facilitation method” has proved successful in various arenas, from corporate conference tables to transportation and accessible voting for Americans with disabilities.

Disability issues are his expertise.

Doug knows them personally and professionally both. Hi sees the big picture, a world in which “ability” is the operative word. He is a staunch American, believing in both the letter and the spirit of the law under which all Americans experience freedom and equal rights. And he is willing to put himself on the line to bring this to fruition.

Strategy is his passion.

From chess to marketing to public image to politics, Doug’s mind sees the maze, the dead ends and the pathways that lead forward; the repercussions and the advantages—for both sides at the same time.

Doug Towne in conversation with Gov. Jeb BushAgreement is his goal.

Neither consensus nor compromise is good enough. Agreement means both sides understand and readily volunteer to change a portion of their original stance, acknowledging it is in the best interest of the issue at hand.

Diplomacy is his language.

A true statesman, Doug communicates, with clarity and without judgment, aspects of disagreement forming stumbling blocks to advancement toward agreement.

Negotiation is his means to the end.

He is able to condense an issue to its non-negotiable elements, prioritizing those essential areas and bringing forth a solution to the satisfaction and enhancement of all.

Image is his specialty.

Not a positive spin, but rather a public portrayal of an organization’s true intent and purpose of mission. Whether grassroots social activism or a governmental agency or a corporation, Doug can turn the underlying principles into a persona; one that recognizes the integrity and conviction of an organization; one that takes its rightful place in the minds of consumers, especially those with disabilities.


Doug Towne talking to news reporters