Are you missing a market?

According to one leading financial institution, the population of American consumers with disabilities is 54 million with $175 billion in annual disposable income. And this market is virtually untapped.

Whether your intent is to roll out a new program, work on compliance and inclusiveness of your organization, or expand your representation locally or nationally, DRG can assist you. Our specialty is creating the message, managing the image that supports it, and laying the ground work and implementation for a successful project, policy, or fiscal win.

Contact DRG now. An initial call costs nothing and a wealth of opportunity awaits you.

Who We Are

Disability Relations Group (DRG) is a leading consulting firm in the U.S. specializing exclusively in disability-related areas.

The firm was founded by CEO, Douglas G. Towne, a respected corporate and political facilitator, versed in finance, marketing, business, and political strategy.
Operation of our multi-faceted firm is based on the concept that through education, awareness, and imagination come possibilities spanning the widest scope of human intent and endeavor.

Headquartered in Florida’s Tampa Bay area, DRG has brought together a wide range of talented partners from all parts of the country. Our team has the ability to problem-solve and create innovative solutions. We bring substance to discussions on disabilities: and link communities of people with a diverse range of abilities.

Supporting those in need is part of DRG’s corporate policy. From the very beginning DRG has been active in advancing policies and technologies to significantly improve the lives of people with disabilities throughout the entire country. Our involvement has produced strong and trusted relationships, giving DRG a finger on the pulse of the most current disability issues.

DRG facilitates better relations between clients and the disability community. With the ability to present complex issues not as problems, but as opportunities, DRG helps parties coming from different perspectives reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.


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